CILTEP Nootropic Stack Review- My Honest Opinion

ciltep nootropic stack with macbook

The CILTEP nootropic stack contains artichoke extract and forskolin to achieve what’s called long-term potentiation. Long-term potentiation is thought to be one of the underlying mechanisms in the brain behind memory and learning.

Users who have been taking the CILTEP stack report enhanced ability to focus, excellent concentration and increased cognition. It’s currently one of the most popular smart drugs or nootropics on the market.

CILTEP is different than a lot of the other options like modafinil, piracetam or noopept because the feeling is a lot less “exciting” or “anxious”. People who take the stack are able to be engaged with their work whether it’s creative or analytical without the feelings of overexcitement.

This is what has made the stack extremely popular with groups like college students, Wall Street executives, entrepreneurs and others who are looking to get an edge on their work without turning to illegal pharmaceuticals.

My CILTEP review

I first purchased the CILTEP Stack after listening to the podcast between Dave Asprey and Abelard Lindsay. I was hesitant at first because of my lack of knowledge about nootropics, but was assured that if Asprey supported the stack then it must be legitimate.

I also really enjoy the open-source approach that Natural Stacks takes with the formula. It’s easy to identify the different ingredients and their amounts. Most other companies use a proprietary formula to hide the levels of each ingredient. This can be dangerous because you don’t exactly know how much you’re putting into your body.

The product arrived in about 4 business days and came with free shipping which was very nice. The recommended dosage is three capsules in the morning immediately upon waking up, but since I usually do work in the afternoon I waited to take mine.

I very much enjoy waking up and having a Bulletproof coffee each morning and didn’t want to try the CILTEP too early, so I took my dosage at around 11 AM.

Approximately 40 minutes later, I noticed that I was working on my client project without really having to think about it. I normally dread client work (copywriting), but even though I didn’t have a deep understanding of the content, the words seemed to just be flowing from head to my fingertips. This kept going for about two hours and I only took a few breaks.

I wasn’t hungry during that time and skipped lunch, but I think it was because I was so focused on my work. I had a minor lunch later and continued on my work until the evening.

On the first day, I didn’t take the SMART CAFFEINE with the CILTEP because I wanted to get a baseline first. I believe that trying and testing anything is important before expanding into new products.

Again this helps a lot that the formula is open source because you’re able to tell exactly what’s in it. Some people have reported that they’ve had to add additional Vitamin B6 to the stack because of their own deficiency. If you’re deficient in Vitamin B6 (how to test here), you may want to consider adding that to your regiment in addition to CILTEP.

Day 2 of CILTEPciltep

The next day I had to make a bunch of phone calls to clients and to try and secure a few new contracts that I had been working on for the past few months.

I immediately woke around 8:30 AM and took three CILTEP and one SMART CAFFEINE. I still took them with my Bulletproof coffee because there’s only 100mg of caffeine in the SMART CAFFEINE. All together taking one BPC with one SC is around ~200 mg of caffeine. Since my body is already used to caffeine (I’ve built up quite a tolerance), there was no problem adding the additional supplement.

What I noticed this time was different. The caffeine in its purer form immediately kicked in, but it wasn’t what I was used to.

Normally when I take in a lot of caffeine at one time, my blood pressure seems raised and my alertness is over elevated. This time however with the l-theanine, I was very awake but I didn’t feel like over excited in any way. I was focused and ready to get done the work that I had to do.

I started getting into my phone calls starting at 10AM and these went over well. I was clear headed and my thoughts seemed to flow well from one to the next. I could visualize my strategy going into them and was able to secure two of the contracts out of the three I was going for. Overall it was a very productive morning.

I took the rest of the afternoon off to strategize, plan and really just enjoy my time. You can do that when you secure a big deal!

Two week CILTEP update

I’ve been taking the stack regularly on days that I have to work. Taking the weekends off just makes sense to me as I do not want to develop a tolerance at any time in the future.

I think the biggest response that I’ve gotten so far, is the fact that I just feel mentally clear and ready to work. The SMART CAFFEINE provides a nice additional perk up when necessary, but the CILTEP is really able to clear my mind and put me in a state to get things done.

Prior to taking it, I’d spend a lot of time wasting on things like Facebook, Twitter or scrolling through Buzzfeed.

Now I’m able to push those things aside and focus on the tasks at hand, whatever they may be. I recommend strongly to anyone that’s taking CILTEP to create a dedicated list of what they want to take before taking it.

This way you’re ready to get down to work and know exactly what needs to get done.

Overall, CILTEP has changed my life positively and I would advise you to try it.


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